vultures lyrics – i am hunger

can’t keep up the pace, i can’t keep up this pace.
exhaustion hits me time after time, and i’m down again.
don’t claim that you’re my savior,
you’ve done nothing to improve my way of life.
cause i’m carrying the same weight.
does it matter what i feel or think?
there’s always been a missing link.
try to find love, in a bleeding reality,
there’s nothing left to gain for people like you and
from the dirt i open my eyes, a million tries to live
my life
the way you said was the only way has led me to this
(just stay away)
i don’t really give a f*ck about you, you never truly
gave a d*mn about me.
you’re reaching out with open arms..
(remember who you are)
you made me this way.
ain’t never gonna look for true love,
ain’t never gonna chase my dreams,
ain’t never gonna hope for a change as long as i’m
stuck in these chains.
ain’t never gonna find my way home,
ain’t never gonna yearn for hope,
ain’t never gonna go my way as long as i’m led astray.
i am what i am and this is the price to pay.
ain’t never gonna find my way as long as i’m led
and who am i to think more of myself,
to think that i’m more than anybody else.
i’m lying, denying the everlasting presence of my
lost at sea, is this what it means to be erased from
depression and rage to a new degree.
(i want to believe in love, i want to believe your
intentions are true.)
i want to believe that you are the one to see what love
is capable to do.
but i’m gone, no reason to stay.
no family.

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