wake up dead lyrics – illdisposed

i sneak into the house
it’s four in the morning
i had too much to drink
said i was out with my boys

i can sense and i can feel
a thrilling l*st creeping up upon me
no time for pleasure, no time for real
is this the way i wanted to be

i hit for the bedroom
i slip into bed
i know if i wake her
i’ll wake up dead

and i know all my friends
they live the lifes, that i repend
but am i better, am i cool
from where i’m standing, i look like a fool

when i wake up – this time i’m gonna tell her
i want to say – what bothers me
if she complains – and i bet she will
i’ll throw her out – when i wake up: dead

will she find out
about the other
other lover

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