walk the line lyrics – virgin snatch

why can’t you see that the object of your obsession
is invariably something positive
don’t give me this p*ssive- aggressive sh*t!
you don’t want to risk / you don’t believe
don’t want to build with me! / don’t wan to walk with

again and again
resort the machinations
offering new
offering you a ride

trying to walk the path
of specified destinations
trying to stay the curse
you walk the line!

i speak the truth
the land is ruled by fools
like chastened children
sitting silently in a school

their faces dulled
constrained and so afraid
what have you done dude!
you are still not understood!

you’ll loose the game you’re playing
better keep your head on
following art of lying
carry on. carry on! f*ck!

[1st solo: grysik / 2nd solo: hiro]

walk on the line slowly
you always stop right in the sh*t
it kind of makes you wonder
day in – day out
there is no doubt that one way track

walk on the line slowly
you haven’t much time to decide
privilege members only
day in – day out
there is no doubt

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