walk thru the sky lyrics – game

open your eyes, we in a new era
less drama, more unity, everything’s lookin’ a lil’ clearer
like a face in the mirror, karma
it was right before our eyes, facin’ the future, i cried

no more martin luther shots, from off the words of malcolm
tunes from jimi, it’s sad but you gotta hear me
all praises due to the mighty allah, god forgive me
i’ve been through it, but it’s not all bad in me

a young kid tryin’ to change his ways
every day a lil’ closer, show him the light, let him pave the way
gotta see my grave someday, [incomprehensible]some pictures
grandma i’m comin’ to spend forever wit’cha, i miss ya

no more sunday dinners, wish you could see your grandson now
got bigger, all grown now
got a daughter, think she grown now, just started walkin’
just started talkin’, she can potty on her own now

life is good, memories are better
we all gotta go, i know it’s cold, grab a sweater
we can take that ride together, cry whatever, die whatever
walk through the sky together, huh

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