walking away lyrics – underoath

the day i left you was the worst mistake i ever made.
was ready to become something;
i didn’t need you dragging me down!
thought your love just wasn’t enough…
my hair combed nice, shoes tied tight;
was ready to conquer life
help unwanted; “i can do this on my own!”
and then i found myself wounded…
tripping over myself,
falling, scr*ping my knee.
sadness fills,
for i know i’ve failed.
why did i leave scared to go back?
hoping you’ll take me in with open arms,
but also knowing the hurt i’ve caused…
the breeze of angels’ wings;
standing there amidst flowers of every being…
tears grow; an orchestra begins to play.
“what a beautiful day; why are you alone?
run, child, it’s time you come home…”
wounded spirit, face in the dirt;
i cried out for you to take me in.
your heart holds me close as i look up to face this world which so scares me…
faith in you; loneliness seems to fade.
the man once inside, now a child walking in your footsteps;
hoping to grow up and be just like you, jesus.
hope held leaves under feet from the trees of fall
while listening to autumn’s call;
a deep breath to continue on,
depending on you; christ carries me the rest of the walk.

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