wallowing in filth lyrics – accept death

cunting around
disgusting f*cking vile
rank dirty wh*r*
toothless ficking smile, crack addicted
do anything for a f*cking fix, lack of dignity
one day fifty f*cking d*cks
you are filth
unwed mother
dead beat father
welfare case
your mouth is a f*cking toilet
accept accept me
i’m a filthy f*cking c*nt
filthy f*cking c*nt
filth f*cking c*nt
body of disease
drain on society
abortion after abortion
waste of f*cking sp*ce
f*cking die
accept accept me
i am a filthy f*cking c*nt
f*cking c*nt
i am filth
filthy f*cking c*nt
your unfortunatiness is your unfortunatiness
your sight rapes my eyes
you should be quantined
stand up on your own
take are of you self
i am not here to support you
f*ck you and your failings
your weakness makes me sick
accept me.

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