walls of the emperor lyrics – thy majestie

mongols are trying to
break in the reign
searching for all the
richness they can raid

but the great wall is waiting
dressed in gloom
announcing their certain doom

they’re in sight, through the night
when the sun will rise again
they will burn in the fire
moans will echo through the vales

the walls are unified
range of towers over
the edges of the empire
flames at night and smoke in sight
tell me of their impiety coming

enemy’s near
the wall and the fear
will make their corpse
a feast for the black crows

their bones will be used to reinforce the wall
it’s the right place for their souls

they’re in sight, through the night
then the sun will set again
and the still of the new night
will bring peace throughout the vales

the first rays of the light
(the first rays of the light)
show the kingdom the outcome of the fight
(the first rays of the light)
they ran away or died

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