walpurgisnight lyrics – darkening

midnight, satan
the demon witch will rise
call from the skies
hear the bodies cry
see the virgin die
watch your soul…

the grave will be broke
the final word is spoken
beware of the night
walpurgis, walpurgis, walpurgisnight

sinner sodom

prepare for the attack
god comes never back
rape the dying wh*r*
rule the heavens war
burn the cross…

beware of satan’s force
he will show no remorse
stay out of sight
walpurgis, walpurgis, walpurgisnight

satan holds your life in his hands
hear the evil sound rising up from h*ll
demon or belial, he feels no remorse
praying for disaster, rule the satan wars

our minds are filled with hate
hold high the blade
hail the priest of h*ll
sound the demon bell, laced in sin…
another victim will die
wear the sign of the scythe
walpurgis, walpurgis, walpurgisnight

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