wanna b. goode lyrics – cameron daddo

i walk along a railroad track
lookin’ for my baby, never lookin’ back
i don’t know where she’s been
i don’t know where she’s gone
it seems like years man, it seems so long
she told me she was leavin’, she didn’t say why
there’s no use in cryin’ when you eyes gone blind
ears gone deaf, mouth gone dumb
there’s nothing left to say when the words
won’t come
i wanna be good so bad
i wanna be good so bad
it’s drivin’ me mad
standin’ on the platform, long gone train
waitin’ at the station with a ball and chain
the law says clear that a man is free
but the ball hold the chain, the chain hold me
goin’ mad at the world, shakin’ at the gate
insane, in vain, the train won’tw ait
she honey when i will, crazy when i won’t
i love it when i do, i love it when i don’t
repeat chorus

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