wanting you lyrics – walter egan

by walter egan and ed berghoff

i can’t sleep for wanting you, but i don’t miss my dreams,
this feeling is so brand new, don’t know what i should do
want to go to extremes.
i don’t know what time it is, i don’t know my name,
i don’t know a thing about this, but i just can’t resist,
like a moth to the flame.

wanting you makes me feel alive
all i know is wanting you,
every time i close my eyes all there is is wanting you
wanting you wanting you wanting you wanting you

i don’t know what’s wrong or right, or what h*ll i’ll pay,
i’m playing with dynamite, is this love at first sight
or a fool’s holiday.
alone in the dark in bed, i’m restless as sin,
the thoughts running through my head, all those things that you said,
again and again…


i fall for your grey green eyes, the smell of your hair,
my heart knows no compromise, it just does or it dies,
like it just doesn’t care.


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