war is a cemetery lyrics – gob

look at this sh*t called war
where the poor kill and die to make the rich even richer
let the oilfields burn
if the profit wasn’t there they’d abort the mission
they’ll ship you off you should run in another direction
they need you for a low cost form of protection

i won’t go anywhere for war

and so the beat goes on
while we drown in the blood of the unfortunate ones
i’ll never march along
i refuse to move my feet to a murderous song
they’ll send you off in a spotlight holding a weapon
wasted youth made believe it’s the best decision

don’t go anywhere for war but a cemetery everybody gets buried

we could have an election
but i’m afraid it won’t do any good
we’ve got to push, start pushing the b*ttons
or mr. push won’t pull any weight

they need you
don’t go anywhere for war bu a cemetery
i won’t go anywhere for war, war is a cemetery

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