waste lyrics – deathcycle

you talk a rebellious game. you tell everyone you’re fed up. against this fascist government. you tell everyone to rise up. but you’re so f*cking drunk you can’t even stand up. you’re completely f*cking useless, so why don’t you just shut up. a waste of life a waste of my time. all you care about is your stupid hardcore pride. what’s in, what’s out. internet gossip and spreading lies. you got none of your own so you talk sh*t on others lives. a fake name on-line behind which you hide. kids who use underground music to belong. imitate other peoples clothing, att*tudes and songs. wannabes to the stereotype they conform. now it’s so watered down. you’re the reason it went wrong. your definition of hardcore is not the same as mine. your definition of punk is not the same as mine. start putting your ideals into your daily life. to truly rise against this system you must sacrifice. not just with the music but with everything you buy, you’re so engrossed in its trappings you don’t even realize. that you’re a slave to it conveniences like everybody else. if you wanna rid its evil first rid it from yourself. until then shut the f*ck up!

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