waste of space and days lyrics – box office poison

every week i sleep at a different friend’s house
those books i bought in school don’t do me no good now
when i call my mom she just hangs up the phone
penniless and loveless, i need a job and a home

and veronica don’t answer my pages
since she got tired of me and my blue-collar wages
that business life just ain’t for me
in a suit and a tie i’ll never be free

i look really pale and i feel like a slob
but no matter how much i lose, my hope won’t be robbed
everyday i make amends for my sinner’s soul
maybe i’ll get back home if i ever get whole

i don’t ever buy a thing without knowin what it costs
i ride the d train, and just get off more lost
i answer ads for jobs that ain’t for me
they say they’ll call me back but just let me be
i eat here and there and sleep an hour a day
the pillow makes me think of the prices that i pay
i left school, it just left me wantin more
i never learned which doorkn*b was for my door

and i don’t blame my mom and veronica’s right
i’m just a waste of sp*ce and days
and i just pray that before i’m through
i’ll figure out what i want to do

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