way to nowhere lyrics – oath

[prelude ]
jours après jour, le constat est toujours le même
quand je me réveille, le vrai cauchemar commence
je suis incapable de faire évoluer l’environnement qui
conditionne mon existence
innocence consumée, enfance partagée, espoir décimé
je ne sais plus à quoi me raccrocher, ni quoi espérer

deep is my sacrifice
closed are my eyes
deep as silence
sometimes, i just want to be reborn…


searching vainly into your minds the outcome to my
to this fortress of emptiness i’ve built on ruins and
i am loosing myself into your inquisitive glances
and make a fool of you and your pitiful fancies

leaving the theatre of life wouldn’t be deliverance
cause the scene i am never tired to see is your vain
you’re my inspiration and i dwell in your shadow
as the ties that hold you to your curse, here below

i’ll continue to be rocked by the river of ignorance
i don’t forget that faults and wounds are some parts of
your essence
all my steps will open me the way to nowhere
i suppose i will never feel myself but over there
all my steps will open me the way to nowhere

call me a demon would be an heresy
it wouldn’t be reckoned with my humanity
no god for my religion, among the means i am the worst
call me an angel would be a blasphemy
it wouldn’t be reckoned with my humanity
for my sins no salvation, but neither regrets or

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