we do this shit lyrics – fabolous

“we do this sh*t”

[fabolous (drama)]
dram’, y’knahmean?
i do this mixtape sh*t, y’knahmean?
(yeah, of course my n*gg*, i see you)
like this is where i started from
(nah n*gg* i remember, i was watchin!)
i started, takin n*gg*z beats
and beatin they f*ckin beats up, y’knahmean?
(early!) slappin they beats upside the head
givin n*gg*z’ instrumentals black eyes and sh*t
that’s what i came from, y’know?
(i’m start makin these n*gg*z call me papa dram’)
so this ain’t, this this ain’t really new for me dram’
but this this the first time i come down here
f*ckin wit’cha it’s a pleasure my n*gg*
(well yeah man, good lookin!)
appreciate all the love (i’m gettin it)
appreciate all my n*gg*z from the south that show ya boy love
when we come through the town, y’knahmean?
i ain’t from the south, i’m a new york n*gg*
so i come down n*gg*z show me love
i appreciate the sh*t greatly n*gg*
and i show the same love when n*gg*z come to my town n*gg*

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