we ride lyrics – illmatic

say dude what’s the deal what’s the word
my man i’ll wit tha new alb*m ya’ll ain’t heard rockin’ non stopin’ popin’ clockin’
n*gg*z on the dayly askin’ for love naw s*x yeah maybe
let me love you down i’ll & j-luv smoked out holdin’ it down

never ever try 2 mess wit us i got da beatz dat make u pull out ya gutz
aha who’z dat on da corner illmat! c da big performer
sometimes i know what u want daz why my beatz make u jump
i tell u why u make me sad yo nasty da sh*t is bad
hold on stop is not a dream big nasty ridin ‘n a gangstalean
if u tell me i ain’t bad enough then u smoked out like i’ll & j-luv
on & on 2 top & we don’t stop on a spot makin’ moves itz 2 hot
aha waz da deal nasty j-luv i’ll we chill

illmat! c:
n*gg* what’chu want what da f*ck iz the way we rock
on a block wit the silly stunt buck you up wit da shot and the skunk
from the philliy blunt on the run give it up heat it up
comin’ out wit da track for da rydas north south west coast and east sydas
for da love of it take dip take a hit all mcs i mess wit please quit
bulletproofed mc u can’t blast me ’cause i’m ridin’ on da beat freak nasty
you can’t test me ’cause i’m gettin’ wild throw the hands from side to side to side
who am i i’m on top and it’s to high i cry let the bullets out my mouth fly
gettin’ down let my sound beat your eardrum if u act dumb we went platinum
takin’ you higher wit fire straight out my mouth collaboration from nations greece dirty south
in it 2 win it mad sh*t from the heart illmat! c i got it mad skillz from the start

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