wearing a lampshade lyrics – born against

you certainly aren’t the victim shocked as you may seem the mna stands up for
chivalry when it’s f*ck you on the street i can’t say how many times it needs
to be told no i don’t wear them no i don’t eat them that hypocrite sh*t won’t
go won’t go you certainly aren’t the beauty that makes the steel jaws bleed
and there’s no gate at the front of these camps saying work will set you free
i’m tired on being the threat in a world of murderers sh*t on just for giving
a sh*t about a bunch of rats wearing a lampshade 40 times over 40 times the
man gives what she needs mister beautifier, mister defender just won’t listen
when he’s told the lampshades in the fatherland are only 50 years old.

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