welcome to purple haze (skit) lyrics – cam’ron

hi im mizzle
former heroine addict
c*ke head
crack fiend
man if killa had it, i tried it
if i itch, he scratch
yo no h*m* man
but, im part of the diplomats now
yeah you know the byrd gang
dipset b*tch
so id like to welcome you to purple haze the alb*m
yah my man killa’s a motherf*cker i mean he brings out the best of you
if your out, you betta spit that sh*t, then you betta sell that sh*t
if you steal dont rob a store rob the stash house
george theres 200 bricks in their stupid
hah, thats what he told george man
what else oh yah
if your sellin nickles and dimes your nickel and dimin’
get some weight on you like that fat b*tch delareese
yo i i still dont know what that means
but i know what this means
if you get high get high all the way
you sniff c*ke?
f*ck it smoke crack
dont stop there
if you smoke crack
shoot dope
if you shoot dope
sniff meth
he had all that sh*t right there for sale man
heh, funny motherf*cker

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