we’re lost lyrics – ivory tower

in a world of violent hearts
time is running fast
war for breakfast, minds are restless,
becoming what we are
dealing with hunger, we’re all sons of plunder
feeding the needs on the poor
climate changes rearrange
a basic thought of earth

hal-hearted acting, vanity’s attracting
but we slowly realize

we’re lost in time and sp*ce, we’re wandering, we can’t
be king
we’re lost, we take all pills, we are pretenders of good
we’ve lost a way out to humanity and honesty, we’re lost

ice is melting, water is pelting
down on poor, man’s land
i buy you, you by me
digital money seems to rule the world
declarations of war far from any law
feed the hate among the beasts
we are sending out our poison to the clouds
while nature’s crying out loud


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