what did i do wrong lyrics – esham

what did i do wrong
what did i do wrong
don’t wanna live
my momma was a dope fiend but what i mean
she was mannic depressed, like the supremes
and all my tears wiped with a cleanex
i’m on the scene and i drop dead like river phoenix
a life i can’t handle, so i drink jack daniels
straight, i bought me a 38 with one shiny silver bullet
for the werewolf in me i don’t pretend to be
i’m f*cked up off life
i walk around with a bl**dy butcher knife
i wanna kill myself, but first
i think about what’s worse
i vision my body take a ride in a he*rs*
and somebody, anybody, but n*body hears
buried alived, pine box, and my deepest fears
i been doin’ dope since i was 13
but when i close my eyes unconciously i scream
overdose scare again, i’m doin’ heroin
so been suckin’ my leg like nancy kerragan
heroin addict like kurt cobain
needle’s in your d*ck, ’cause your arms outta veins
the system raped me, society hates me
the man in the mirror is scared to face me
my only friend is me, but how can i pretend to be
my friend, i’m public enemy
a number one, son of a shotgun
so when i blasphamy, i bust a brain cell
dead cells make me faint
but i can’t faint no more i don’t dream and never sleep walk
uncut dope make me comotose
growin’ up with the scandalous from here to los angeles
what does it mean, infetamine, n*gg*z so envy they green
as i watch the fiends fiend, my mind screams
your body’s cold you feel numb from your addiction
just say no’s a contradiction
it seems like the whole world’s high
and i’m tryin’ not to fry, brain cells p*ssin’ time until i die
suicide contemplated everything’s drug related
i wish when my father got erect he woulda m*st*rb*t*d
sperm concentrated now they sell it at the bank
what has life come to? tell me whatta you think?
crack babies be born like everyday
i sucker born every minute right around my way
what a rush when you’re brain bust
all your sh*t got flushed down the toilet stew
what a fool
who gives a f*ck if you self-destruct
all you hoes and dreams ’cause you just a fiend
and this world ain’t big enough for the both of us
who can i trust with one slug down the bust?
and say

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