what else is there to do lyrics – lil’ wayne

what is it that i haven’t done yet ahhh
grammys, ahhh emi, ha angelina jolie, katie holmes, martha stewart, oprah winfrey
mama blanco [laughs], sarah palin, (what we looking in her), im at her next
straight up im at sarah palin next
i love a b*tch who wear gl*sses
b*tch who keep them gl*sses straight on
keep them b*tches on while we cutting up
in that ?? (they better not fall off)
b*tch gonna come out tell ya b*tch gonna come out
the next day get on the mike at the ahhh what they call
the debate that b*tch gonna say
lil wayne for president!! [laughs] lil wayne, lil wayne!!! [laughs]
dont she blow the flute or something?
i’ll be up there with the guitar she’d be up there with the flute
talking bout dodododododo call me and i can make it juicy for ya!

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