what friends are for lyrics – forgotten hero

i need someone who, will help me through.
my problems and fears, and trials too.
i need someone to help, me thru thick n thin.
someone who’ll always, be my friend.

i want to, thank you.
for helping, me through.
for being, there for me.
no matter what, friend i may be.
for helping me with, the rough times.
for helping me with, the hard times.
i couldn’t ask for, anything more.
but that’s what, friends are for.

and those nights that we, would stay up late.
just talking about, how life is great.
i promise i won’t, ever forget.
no matter what, my life will get.

and it’s these times, that keep me alive.
and it’s these times, when i don’t hide.
and when i think, i can’t take anymore,
you’re beside me, like every time before.

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