what if i stoop lyrics – butchie boys

is this one for summer staff?
is this one for my butch?
or do i simply serenade to make the staffers laugh?
you can jumble them together, my conflict still remains
for oreo is barking, in the midst of courting him
cause i see the trust in their eyes
but they don’t believe me
he needs my love in his life
though his fly is down
*what if i stumble, what if i stoop?
what if i have 10 kids and they all look like butch
will the love continue?
when they start to crawl
what if i stumble, and what if i stoop?*
staffers please forgive me for i cannot compose
the love that lives for a within me for a certain ss cord
if this struggle has a purpose on the narrow road i walk
why do i dread these decisions
will cause me not to talk?
do they see the love in my eyes?
are they so revealing?
this time i cannot disguise
all the desire i’m feeling.
everyone’s got to crawl when you know that
you’re up against a wall, it’s about to fall
i hear him whispering my name
he says
“my love for you will never change
never change”
what if i stumble?
what if i stoop?
when i see him, he makes we wanna flip.
what if i stumble, what if i trip?
he is my comfort, and my love.
is this one for summer staff, is this one for my butch?

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