what lyrics – esham

it’s the inventa, tha wicket ice cold as tha winter, as n*gg*z
enter, the
dragon, tha 44 got my pants saggin, for all the what, bring da
paddywagon, tha
terminata, tha b*tch *ss n*gg* eliminata, tha suicide
contemplata, for your
dillusions i bring wicket *ss illusions, to cause m*ss
confusion, i be tha
n*gg* bucka, tha hoodrat t*tty bar b*tch f*cka, got n*gg*z
screamin what tha
f*ck!, see were, i’m down wit lord majai, and we both yellin, die
die, n*gg* we
comin 4 ya, you wanna fresh style let me show ya, b*tch, verbally
you never
heard of the u n h o l y cuz i’m h*ll of a… n*gg* what… i
insist, reel life
suicidalist and 4 this i’m a white man’s terrorist, i never miss
when i squeeze
tha chrome in my fist, mob style i’ll make yo *ss drink a gl*ss
a p*ss, high
rolla, money folda, underground rap radio controlla, tha bone
breaka the thug
shaker, from here to cleveland n*gg* run or catch tha dum dums,
dum diddy dum
do i diddy esham i’m from detroit city, i flip mo tactics then
doin hat tricks wit provalactics, unholy thats what my mama told
me, now i do
all my dirt by my lonely, and most n*gg*z wanna kill you when
you slangin ki’s,
i clock dollaz while they catch zzzz’s… n*gg* what…

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