what’s ur name lyrics – janet jackson

hold up
slow it down
i can see you new in town
cuz i’d never
forget you face
that smile you wear
is amazin
just wanna know
where you headed
i could roll
wit you baby
make some room
in your life
i don’t wanna take up time
so baby what’s your name

what’s your name babe
do you live around here
cuz i ain’t never seen you before
but i wanna see you some more
what’s you name babe
put it right in my sidekick
and i’ll hit you back
soon as i get home

i’ll put you in
my favorites
the swag you got
left a print
in my mind
as time goes by
all i can think of is you
why you gotta be so fly
wish i could see you again
got me walkin round
lookin for you
i’m trippin
d*mn what you do to me
can’t believe how you got me and
i don’t even know your name

your not some random guy
i can’t let this moment p*ss me by
i gotta do what i gotta do
take advantage
make the first move
cuz i don’t wanna have to regret it
i just wanna know your name

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