what you need lyrics – illmatic

if i give you what you need will you be a good friend of my creativity
and the people i deal with yes and chill with so iz you wid it wid it
i only need half sun to deliver action see you bounce n vibe to diss ish wid p*ssion
da whole world be actin brixx just reflecting stop giving birth to jealousy and start excepting
and people who just playahate f*ck you and your masceradeyou dont like what i do then you need to start to m*st*rb*t*
do a better job than me to survive in this industrystop actin like a friend cause 4 real you`re just an enemy
slip n slide with words to fly worldwide
slip n slide with words to get you real high
slip n slide with words now come with me
slip n slide with words i give you what you need

illmat! c:
they call me illmat! c with no static i smack silly toys
roll like a royce and knock the track out with my deadly voice
verbal ak i get inside you like n alien
my style iz evil and horrify like damien
who wanna touch it like will smith im gettin jiggy
and everything i spit iz definitely bombdiggy
hold me back im spittin raps like bullets
watch me operate i’m concentrate to the fullest
i’m your icon stage transform like saigon
lyrical warfair and i explode like a timebomb
i’m like a gun you cant run but i get you
my d*ck iz like a sword when i hold it and split you
hit you your booty *ss crew and your whack beats
you need more f*ckin fixes than four f*ckin blackstreets
i smack teeths bringin the heat like lambada
wannabes please adios you get nada

brixx:bridge: i don’t see nothing wrong to giving it to ya 8 times

illmat! c:
my style iz homegrown boogie like ozone
i’m comin strong like a swarm and i flow on
the things i wanna hear i see it crystal clear
illmat! c brixx headrush collabo of the year
it’s the perfectionist master this the eminence
the excellence blastin this and leave no evidence
the consequence stop nonsense don’t ask whyword is james bond prepare that i punch your golden eye
playahaters so called friends and fake cats
all you whackrats talk sh*t behind my back
i stay strap dont give a f*ck when you ride
brixx n ill year 99 bonnie and clyde

chorus:come with me is what he said won`t you be my very good friend
you and me is all you need i will give you what you need
come with me is what she said won`t you be my very good friend
you and me is all you need cause i give you what you need y’all
i give you what you need

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