what’s gone wrong lyrics – guttermouth

it’s a 3 day weekend
i’m loading up my truck
got tons of beer
might shoot a deer
blow the sh*t out of a duck
stever’s got a cross bow
jamie a shotgun
anything that f*cking moves
ready aim fire blam!
oh my god i can’t believe
the antlers on that buck
it would take 40 men
to load him in the truck
got that sucker right between the eyes,
let’s get a cold one don
love seats made from hides
stock your smoke house full of meat
pink & blue & yellow key chains
made from rabbits feet
trade your jerky to the indians
enjoy a goon skin hat
whip up some homemade crisco
with the extra fat
i`m wishin
a flock of geese would fly on by
i`m hopin
i can bag not 4 but 5 reloldin
jesus f*cking christ
that’s the biggest moose i have ever seen
get my gun god d*mn it get him
if i can’t shoot them
i’ll start a forest fire
watch em run
right at my gun
no need for oscar meyer
that’s a fine looking piece of meat young man
i’m ready for that one their
yeah that ones for me.
trophie on your wall
slap some new boots on your feet
th e wallet in my pocket
kinda smells like meat
a half a dozen ouail
a hearty rack of lamb
there must be 50 beavers
in that f*cking dam

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