what’s really good lyrics – yung joc

yea …i woke up this mornin thought bout this sh*t..lot of n*gg*s got questions, n*gg*s got rumors, m*th*f*ckers got speculation’s…
but check it out..
whats really good,huh?(x3)
is he really hood?
imma let u kno,kno(x3)
ill tell u on tha low

whats up wit joc? whats really good?
where he really from? is he really hood?
is he really koo? is he really paid?
where tht n*gg* stay? he really from tha a?
did he really trap? did he really move work?
i heard he had a como fit used to move tha perp..
does he really beef? or is he really ??
i heard he used to do them skims wit them credit cards
is he really from tha west side or college park?
in 04 did he really loss 4 of his boys?
at 14 was he really whippin up tha hard?
was is record clean? he ever have a felony charge?
did he ever rob? does he have a squad?
does he have heart? or does he think like a broad
so wats he really like? is he really down to earth?
if a n*gg* tried? would he lay them down in tha dirt?
wats really good? help me understand?
was he really dissin jeezy on a couple grand?
does he really rap?or would u call he pop?
did he have anything to do wit ti gettin knocked?
i jus want to kno, wats up wit dude?
did he really try to go into tha airport wit his tube?
d*mn , he he a fool? sum thing dont sound right.
i think they set em up, yea thats wat it sounds like.
i got another question,do he really be taxin?
i heard he got something v, for 75 stackion.
thats jus for tha verse,at least tht wat i heard
dont even kick it no more, kick each other to tha curve
thts f*ck up,is tht how it goes down?
i heard nitty wrote tha lyrics to “its goin down”

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