wheels lyrics – husker du

strapped in his stroller seat
little shoes on his little feet
mama pushes him up the street
and he waves as the cars go by
though he’s too young to know
he doesn’t have much control
he just sits back and lets life roll
he’s having fun and he don’t know why

and his wheels go around
hear the sound of all the distance traveled
to where we begin and where we end
we’re just rolling on our wheels

eighteen and life’s a bore
he knows there’s gotta be more
than pushing brooms and mopping floors
he doesn’t waste another day
downtown he finds a man
who signs him up for uncle sam
at the time it seemed like a plan
and his mama cried as he drove away

(repeat chorus)

the last eighty years have flown
and now he’s too old to live alone
he wishes he could go back home
but he knows why
his old legs are obsolete
but the nurse tells him that he’s sweet
she wheels him in when it’s time to eat
and he really likes the rhubarb pie

(repeat chorus)

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