wheels rolling on lyrics – axel rudi pell

round + round wheels
r turnin!
all your life,
u been fighting 4 the day.
2 take the spotlight,
+ steal the thunder,
+ no one’s gonna take
this time away.
it’s all part
of the p*ssion,
goin’ all the way.
wheels rolling on,
+ they keep on turnin’,
wheels rolling on,
it’s an everlasting road
that’s here 2 stay
it’s your time,
it’s your destination,
though u know that your
back’s against the wall.
but the lights are calling’,
the night is screamin’,
+ now it’s all 4 one
+ one 4 all.
this night will last 4 ever,
don’t let it get away.
wheels rolling on,
+ the night is burnin’,
wheels rolling on,
your heart is yearnin’,

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