when i was superman lyrics – alan guno

used to save the day – i used to fly across the big sky
used to wear a cape – and race the bullets when i ran
but the comic books are gone and all the toys are in the closet
still remember long ago when i was superman

used to show him that – the world was big but i was bigger
he would hold my heart – and let me guide him with his hand
and every day we played – he laughed with awe and fascination
i was everything to him, i was his superman

little boys keep searching for their heroes
gaze into the sky – with eyes so wide
but little boys grow up and only dads know
that comic books can lie, and fantasies can die

what’s a man to do when time has p*ssed – the story’s ending
who can be a hero – when he’s lost his biggest fan
and turning back the clock won’t change the world not like i used to
but i would do it all again to be his superman

i would do it all again to be his superman

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