when rain becomes ashes lyrics – regain the legacy

it can’t be forget!
creators visit the h*ll! without pretending they are
standing on the grave of deceit!
want dominate with red crown on a head!
searching for exits — find only questions of bloodiest

towers are falling! seams are dispersing!
through flying ashes not to see a gleam!

children of war suck the blood from mother’s veins!
give them the weapon – they’ll take us under control!
we lost our chance! decay in the past!
and now our legends become a dust!

here the black sea — we’ve drown down! there stone
wounds — can’t be licked!
all that was created perishes in us! overwhelming
blindness – then explosion!

the great warned about harm! they were right! now we
only pieces of flesh!
we wait our turn on the slaughter! and the sky
fertilizes us ashes!

fires of horror rise from under the ground!
the fallen will wake, shrouding in anger the crowd!

consciousness borders are erased! all of that it’s
necessary – wait!
the cycle is broken! look at bl**dy rising, hatred
lever has absorbed the light!

this day — rain becomes ashes!

missiles are ready! all of us under the gun, in sharp-
clawed paws of creeping harm!
and cold wind brings far sounds of pain of those who
could not reject pressure!
mercury cloud of the world that we could not constrain
will appear in eyes!
human essence – anthropogenous extinction – a payment
for our phobias!

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