when the promise of forever becomes a farewell on lease lyrics – time has come

please let me remember. when we first kissed. i just
don’t get it. is this the end? is this how we say
goodbye? yes. i regret. i regret. i regret. should’ve
known better. that you were gonna make me cry. take my
face to the inside of love. nothing to eat but fears in
the back. is this the way it’s really going down? it’s
breaking my heart. to watch you ruin around. may great
waves come crashing down. turn this live around. i built
a time machine to escape from. all the pain not left
behind. i pray to god that you’re right before my. eyes.
’cause everything dies babe. and my days are counted. i
was ready to give you my name. can’t make it out of here
on my own. this life through love so strong. me and you
until the end?

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