when your words are obsolete lyrics – rev 16:8

the dry weed’s tumble causes worry
it carries a matter that raises brows
in times like these it’ll silence all wonders
all will seek out the hayman’s banner

here they gather from all far corners
the past has placed them there
from dark silhouettes it treads to light
the cattle builds a silent awe

the minion leader speaks
the words touch out to all tongues
its cords bleed the entire farm
it even feeds the deaf

the message reaches most
inside the outline a different note is forming
a few years are put to rest
the bigger herd grows weary

the echoes, still present in the fields
the words touched out to all tongues
leaving a lasting sensation on the walker
they’ve even fed the deaf

the roaring caught most
inside the outline a different note has formed
the few years are put to the test
the bigger herd grows in numbers

the hinges break and the lid blows wide open
before the air catches its breath diffusion
riders of red are freed to devour
the earth shakes and the barns are lit
shepherd’s ranch is sent to h*ll

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