where did i go wrong lyrics – keith sweat

come on, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
uh huh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
who you know
make you dance like i do?
huh? let me know
who you know
make you dance like i do?

1 – i remember when
you gave a d*mn about me
and how i made you so happy
and now i wish that things could go
back the way they used to be, girl
tell me where did i go wrong
do you have a answer for me, baby?
where did i go wrong
’cause you’re driving me crazy, crazy, crazy

everything was cool yesterday
until you told me you had to get away
away, no explaination
you must be in a situation somewhere else
gotta be
’bout the only way you can leave me by myself

repeat 1

was it something your girlfriend
said i did?
or was it just a misconception
of the life i live
did i party too much for you, girl?
tell me what i gotta do
’cause never in my wildest dreams
did i think you would leave

repeat 1

all i wanted to do
was be a man to you
i worked so hard
to keep us together
whatever it was
that makes you wanna leave
baby, i’m sorry, i wish you would tell me
where did i go wrong?

repeat jd

repeat 1 until fade

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