where he get it lyrics – chief keef

turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up
turn up, (squad), turn up, (squad)

they like “d*mn sosa, where you fit that cash at?”
throwin all this cash up, b*tch, you can have that
don’t try and grab that, this pistol i’mma blast that
i heard you got a hard head, shootin where your *ss at
i get that cash back, get bricks like it’s the last
i’m a rich n*gg*, no pops, you a broke b*st*rd
a pistol gun on me, n*gg*s do magic
how be like chief sosa, “where he get that cash at?”

[verse 1: chief keef]
i smoke dope, tadoe a molly roller
watch got my wrist goin like bobby whippin yola
b*tch i’m almighty sosa
stand up to 3 double o and you gon get slumped ova
boy you ain’t no blower
you’s a b*tch n*gg* an boy you ain’t no soulja
boy you ain’t cashin,
i took a hundred thousand dollars and i dragged it
go on my main n*gg*s do magic
“where you get that watch at?”, that b*tch so dramatic
cuz’ i be on my cash sh*t
proabaly thats the reason why them b*tches act so dramatic
cuz’ you ain’t gettin’ cash b*tch
you need to go and get some money, and make it a habit


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