whiteflag lyrics – mercy screams

looking for the answers but there never
met put my trust in god now surrender no regret not
back but moving forward found out who we are
put your trust in him will get you so far i surrender
my eyes are blinded but they want to see two paths to
walk on you walk beside me open my eyes and how is life
like a metaphor when nothing else ever compares to this.
failure isn’t falling down it’s staying there you can
into more or you can surrender to less. now you can
be the man that no one ever taught you to be. we were
meant to be.there is healing in confronting our evil.
i will let you *ssist me in my progress or i will die
an empty soul. oh god i don’t want to die alone.
i have sinned and i surrender.i replaced my crown
with a halo, you made it grow th*rns

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