who needs the sun lyrics – carolina rain

i don’t mind bein’ stuck inside …when a storm blows in
just let those ‘ol dark clouds keep’a pourin’ rain
let it ease on by take its slow sweet time
wouldn’t it be nice if it…rained like this everyday

who needs the sun (who needs the sun the way you shine)
baby with the way you shine
who needs the sun (who needs the sun when you’re all mine)
i’m so glad you’re mine all mine
who needs the sun (stay with me ‘til the end of time
yeah who needs the sun

you light my way and you, kiss my face and i just love the way
you lay me down and bathe me in your glow
you take me in baby, warm my skin
girl i swear i think you could make a flower grow…so

who needs the sun when i got you
who needs a sky of baby blue
in the dead of night your love just shines right through

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