whoa lyrics – esham

(esham talking)
got my boys back up in here,
we had to time warp back in time,

whoa, whoa, whoa, whooooa, (x2) (in the 50’s)

verse one:
know, i lay me down to sleep,
i pray to the lord that my bird wont creep,
and if she do, before i wake,
please let her have more bread to break,
like a house on a lake,
for goodness sake,
her name is little debbie, and i love her cake,
make’s no diffrence to me,
a key to a “g”, still adding up money,
lovely, keep ya water on bubbly,
what would you do if you was me,
probally, g of or key-off,
and sniff it all up,
until you blow your f*cking head off,

dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, baby (x4)

verse two:
i thought i saw a p*ssy-cat,
i didnt, it was a dirty rat,
in fact, it was a snake, b*tch kiss it,
spitting venom, always dissing, missing,
the whole point of whatimsayin’,
because your bling,
dream, dream, dream,
when i rode by on bleem,
you see me clean,
looking at me like a fiend,
it was obseen,
with a beauty of the week out of jet magazine,

(chrous) fade away!

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