whorrified lyrics – dead youth

lyrisc:john, rick 92 music:rick 92

disgustfull fluids drip from her c*nt
germ infestation
c*m lapping sl*t flaming v*g*n* bl**dy b*tthole
years of f*cking now takes its tall

spread like a wishbone now make a wish
perfumed covered stench of rotting fish
like a wind instrument drooling and gaping
slimy hunk of flesh suitable for raping

sifting drifting eyes contorting skin-writhe
voluptuous sl*t now horrified
brain begins to crumble locked total disillusion
soon begin to rot

to pleasure and pain-your body’s numb
life-of filth and p*rnographic sc*m
drunk-drugged-beat and bashed
you-will sell-for s*x is cash

with-a hanger-you kill-your kids
spreading aids-spreading grids
b*tch-your such a f*ckin sl*t
i’m going to staple shut your cunt

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