who’s gonna wipe lyrics – count basic

i’m confessing that i’m in love with you, baby
i keep on telling myself to let it go
my heart is aching for your melody
i can’t seem to believe we’re through

who’s gonna wipe my teardrops away
tryin’ to hold on to a love that’s gone astray
who’s gonna love me when the sun turns into rain
it’s that same old sad song, i don’t wanna live my life without you

i p*ss by places where we used to go
can’t help thinking ‘bout those yesterdays
how could i let my angel slip away
it’s hurting me so deep inside

never know what you miss until it’s gone away
can’t wait ‘til the teardrops dry and bring brighter days
i had to let my pride go, it’s a small price to pay for being in love
who’s gonna wipe my tears away

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