why don’t you have a seat… lyrics – salt the wound

you think that you can be here*
and take what you want.
no carnal repercussions.
will come your way.
think again.
this will not go unpunished.
your sentence will fit your crime.
with my hands i will rip out your guts.
i will hang you from the ceiling.
i will smile as you’re shaking.
cause you know the end is near.
i will watch the life drain from you.
i will watch your soul take flight.
i will watch the devil take you.
i will watch your days turn into nights.
this was no f*cking accident.
this was all f*cking planned out.
this was all in your f*cked up head.
there is no turning back now.
i hope that is was worth it.
i hope that it makes you proud.
i’ll make sure the knife goes through you.
i’ll make sure you know who it was.
i have a grave with your name etched on the f*cking front.
when i find you, you’re f*cking dead.
did you show mercy when she asked.
did you consider her when she pleaded.
you are a coward.
undeserving of any life.

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