wilderness is lyrics – hexvessel

“is it because wilderness makes pretty picture postcards?
because it protects watersheds for downstream use by
agriculture, industry, and homes? because it’s a good
place to clean the cobwebs out of our heads after a long
week in the auto factory or over the video display
terminal? because it preserves resource-extraction
opportunities for future generations of humans? because
some unknown plant living in the welds may hold a cure
for cancer?

no – the answer is, because wilderness is. because it is
the real world, the flow of life, the process of
evolution, the repository of that three and a half
billion years of shared travel”

dave forman – from “confessions of an eco warrior”

a humble and naïve dedication to the work of
ryuchi sakamoto & shigeru umebayasi

inspired by the wise words of dave forman

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