winterdeath lyrics – helheim

the time has come as once was told
where man’s world will be lain in sorrow
three cold winters puts their pale arm
around mannheims frosty land

a sh*ll of fate’s sombre tone
cracks death’s frozen crown
hungry the world waits thereunder
past the gate and hel’s wolves
from a world of eternal d*mnation
to another with the executioner’s pardon

a hypocritical battle among remnants lost
in winterdeath
graves open in the bloodred snow
lives are lost at the hand of the enemy and oneself
the norm’s band of faith is being spun
lain in frozen ashes

the battle of the despairing- tears bound to eternity
all cries of pain are gathered- to the h*llcastels prophet
all is dismal- the tragic is told
farewell- an empty eternity, all as decayed

time is not time here anymore
life is not life anywhere
an eye can not see like an eye
gone are the people and beasts
never hear are withered note again
sense nothing, feel nothing
the winterdeath hundreds of days old
took everything.. but wait..

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