wirehead imbeciles lyrics – leng tch’e

sociological evolution not possible
for wirehead imbeciles dead
utopia based on production and consumption
wirehead mbeciles
humans once observed are rats
wirehead imbeciles
keeping on a lifestyle of reality show
always keep denying, lever stop defying
dumb and way below
self-replicating their schizosis
always keep denying
and never stop defying
under my name
it should be said
it’s high time to rewrite
the vertebrate genome
to avoid human stupidity
those stereotypical-hedonistic degrading animals
are an insult to our understanding
dumb and way below
self-replicating their ichizosis
dangerous and hostile
these wirehead imbeciles
wirehead imbeciles
i hope you f*cking choke
sociological solution not possible
wirehead imbeciles dead

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