wish i’d taken pictures lyrics – pansy division

didn’t think he’d splip so soon
thought time was on our side
but cynical turned b*tchy
clever turned to snide
iwon’t miss his sullen poses
iwon’t miss his dour veneer
but i wish i’d taken pictures
cause his beautiful face ain’t here
met up with a new guy
with alabaster skin
turned out to be an alab*st*rd
broke it off with him
his features were so striking
long lashes, dark brown curls
but i wish i’d taken pictures
cause he’s long gone from my world
met a lovely goth boy
way into 4ad
precious, frail and sensitive
took himself too seriously
always lighting candles
made his bed an altar
but i wish i´d taken pictures
because our thing quickly faltered
finally bought a camera
after years of delay
thought memory would be enough
but i found out too late
so let’s be realistic
the odds are this won’t last
now i’m taking pictures
so i’ll never forget your beautiful *ss

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