witches lyrics – mechanical poet

sneakingthroughthesticky darkness, hidingin theinky shadows, sneering in the ringing silence… they are always near.
waking up your weirdest nightmares, smilingatyourdirty p*ssions, slowly guidingyoutomadness… throughthe galleries of fears.
what doesn’t make you feel afraid?
you’re getting lost in haze and now you’re staying face to face with witches! you’re sinking in quicksand and now you’re fighting hand to hand with witches!
you’re an egg in a giant hatcher. you’re prey among the sn*tchers. you may try to disappear but they won’t let you go.
every road leads to a black hole. every door’s a way to scaffold. every evening brings the dread before the afterglow.
what doesn’t make you feel unsafe?
come with us. be with us. a part of us. your nightmares are so sweet.

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