with child lyrics – tammy wynette

(earl montgomery – j. tidwell)

i’ll try to write this letter dear, the best i can
although i haven’t heard from you in quite a while
i’m doing just fine, no complications at this time
for you’d like to know that i’m with child.

i’ll send this letter to the last address you gave
hoping that the news you heard will make you smile
there’s a list of names enclosed, hope you’ll like the one i chose
don’t be afraid to know that i’m with child.

our friends came by last night and gave me shower
the tiny clothes were all the latest style
these beauties you should see and they’ll fit to t
our friends were proud to know that i’m with child.

my prayer is that you’ll soon be home
and that this child in me is strong
i’m lonely but i’m proud to be with child…

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