without weapons lyrics – hate plow

i don’t need a knife or a gun to take your life
just my bare hands to kill you where you stand
i am the last person you will ever see
don’t try to run, you won’t get away from me
this is a pain like you never felt before
i will hit you then you will hit the ground
blood will be shed from my kicks to your face
you were a man, now you are a disgrace
human tornado of fists and feet
violence to a certain degree
of rage and destruction
you can’t comprehend
of what i’ve done before
to claim my victory
or what i will do right now
look out your next
beaten just like all the rest
kiss your *ss goodbye
you won’t make it home tonight
you don’t know me
and your never f*cking will
without weapons
is the way i choose to kill
without, without, without weapons

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