wizard needs food, badly lyrics – five iron frenzy

wizard needs food, badly

i know that you’re probably mad at me
i’ve come to expect that
you know that you’ll never have all of me
you’ve come to resent that
you say “tomato”, i say “video games”
you’re acting so solemn
you’ll take the precious remote control from me
do i sound like gollum?
not that i’m escaping
you charm me like the flame does moths
it’s just that you’d prefer me docile
like a narcoleptic sloth

the wizard needs food badly
the voltron can’t be incomplete
the things i love, you hate so madly
i must not go down in defeat

in the hunter-gatherer societies
i’d bring home the bacon
public thought says men should try and be tame
stirred but not shaken
i say “baseball” then you start to cry
i’m sorry i grieve you
i think a motorcycle’s a good way to die
this must bereave you
i know that you try so hard
and i’m not saying it’s a sin
it’s just that they don’t feel my pain
in vogue or cosmopolitan

and i’m sure you have your reasons
but listen to me please…
i want the g.i. joe with the kung-fu action grip
i want nintendo with the extra-graphics-microchip
tackle football with rocks, and sticks, and knives, and pain
i want a truck with the four wheel drive train
you’d rather see me get good at bookkeepping
i could clean house in the time that i’m not sleeping
i live to serve you, and i don’t want to be rude
but you should see that the wizard needs food

wizard is about to die

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